Phyto Swiss® Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phyto Swiss® sold in stores?

No. Phyto Swiss® Cosmeceutical skin care products are only sold direct to the customer and are not available in stores.

How can you have such high performing products but keep the prices low?

We do not have the very high costs associated with distribution through retail stores, and we minimize the typical corporate expenses of multiple layers of executives. We have no advertising agency and do not spend money advertising in beauty magazines or running television ads. We do not have any celebrity endorsers. All of these things, and more, ensure that we can bring you the highest levels of cosmeceutical skin care performance without the exorbitant cost. We are privately owned and have no debt, so we do not have shareholders to answer to.

How do I save more by joining the Phyto Swiss® Elite Club?

When you join the Phyto Swiss® Elite club, you qualify for reduced prices even lower than our already low retail prices. Also, you will receive periodic special offers that will allow you to make significant savings. Your annual membership fee of $35 is offset because, upon joining, you can select any Phyto Swiss skin care product free.

Are the products all natural?

No. Although 97% of the ingredients in the Phyto Swiss® formulas are naturally derived, we always utilize the ingredient that will provide the most effective benefit for your skin.

How does the guarantee work?

If at any time during 60 days from date of purchase you want a refund, simply return the product to Phyto Swiss®, even if it has been used, and we will refund your purchase price. You can return the products for any reason—even if you just change your mind. There is no qualification for returning the product, but we do ask that you help us by letting us know why you want to return the product.

Where are the products made?

Phyto Swiss® Cosmeceuticals skin care products are made in the USA. They are formulated in Switzerland.

Do you have free shipping?

No. There is actually no such thing as free shipping. It is primarily a marketing ploy to make customers think they are getting a "deal". The customer is actually paying for the shipping, as it is built into the retail price of the product. The reality is, each and every company pays for the cost of shipping when they fulfill the customers' orders, and then pass it on to the customer as either "shipping and handling" or it is built into the retail price.

When you purchase a product for $35 with free shipping you are actually buying a $25 product with the shipping added to make it $35. The inference is that you are getting a higher quality product ($35) and free shipping but in reality you are getting a $25 product. There is no way any company can absorb the shipping costs from their profits.

At Phyto Swiss we believe that it is better for the client to know the true value of the product and then pay shipping and processing. In this way you are only paying the shipping costs associated with your order and not subsidizing someone else's shipping costs.