Phyto Swiss® Lip Enhancer Complex

The benefits of lip plumping injections without the needle, cost, discomfort, or inconvenience. Promotes collagen synthesis.

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Weight: 0.2 fl. oz. 6.5ml

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Apply to lips

Product Usage Instructions:

Lip Enhancer Complex

Use as desired

Apply to lips. Moisturizes and plumps lips. Contains ingredients clinically proven to hold moisture in the lips and even-out fine lines and ridges, to provide a fuller, healthier looking appearance to lips.

Apply to lips only. If product is applied to skin, there will be some tingling/stinging that will dissipate in a few minutes.

Lip Enhancer Complex Info:

Product performance claims reflect clinical testing of Active Ingredients and Complexes.

The benefits of lip plumping injections without the needle, cost, discomfort, or inconvenience of a doctor's visit.

  • Triple anti-aging action - collagen fiber contraction, protection of dermal supporting tissue, and anti-free radical action.
  • Natural peptides to stimulate collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, particularly hyaluronic acid, for more youthful looking lips
  • Peptides and plant extracts provide plumping and firming

Fine Lines

Reduces the appearance of fine lines


Increase of 13.3% in firmness of lips


  • Hydrates both the upper layers and the deeper layers of the skin
  • Instantly hydrates lips for up to 72 hours
  • Increase of 50.6% in hydration
  • Increase of 10.5% in softness


  • Lip surface increases up to 61%
  • Lip volume increases up to 82%
  • Increase of 9.2% in curvature of lower lip
  • Increase of 19.6% in surface area of lower lip

Proprietary Complexes with clinically proven results

  • PSC Active Complex 5
  • PSC Active Complex 24
  • PSC Active Complex 25
  • PSC Active Complex 26
  • PSC Active Complex 27
  • PSC Active Complex 28


  • Natural phytonutrient boosts cutaneous vascular micro-circulation, for youthful red lips
  • Adds natural definition to lips, enhancing their shape and color
beautiful lips

Bio Active Extracts:

Black Wattle (Acacia), Brassica Alba Sprout, Honeysuckle, Jojoba, Pfaffia Glomerata Root, Portulaca Pilosa Purslane, Sunflower.

Other Key Ingredients:

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Lauryl PCA, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C).