Phyto Swiss Testimonial from Lisa Marie Boone

First I tried the Face Lift Serum. It really does give you an instant face Lift! Any fine lines I had disappeared. I'm surprised celebrities aren't using this, but I'm sure they will in the future. The Cell Rejuvenating Cleanser, was amazing, just alitte dab foamed up so much. It rinsed off easily and left my skin soft. It didn't dry out my skin like some foam cleansers. I liked the Eye Contour Serum it was very moisturising and had a really pleasant smell. The Tri-Active Moisturizer provided very deep hydration. I could really feel it working and it really plumps the skin. As you can see by the 2nd photo the Lip Enhancer Complex really works and I'll definitely be getting alot of use out of it. Im so happy with all my new products! I'd recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Wendy Woods and the staff, your all fabulous
- Lisa Marie Boone
NL, Canada
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