Phyto Swiss Testimonial from Zahraa Ramsey

Here’s something about my skin, it’s super dry and i thought i have to suck it up and deal with it. And it’s not just my skin, my lips are dry too. Having dry skin and lips makes you look dull 😭 • • 2 weeks ago i received these babies from wendy @phytoswisscosmeceuticals and guess what? They are amazing. I decided to give it 2 weeks before i do a review. This product is a skin saver. My skin is not as dry as before. I feel that my face is super healthy, and it brightens up my skin (Bye Bye Dull Skin). Even the lip enhancer complex moisten my lips and it’s not as flaky as before. I would spend every dollar i have on these goods. It’s worth it. If you have acne scaring, dry or oily skin, you should really give this a go. (
- Zahraa Ramsey
Leesburg, VA
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