Our Social Mission—Pediatric Cancer

At Mindoma, we believe in doing positive things for the world, and we go about that in several ways.

  • Helping people care for their skin with highly effective products at reasonable prices.
  • Promoting kindness by treating all of our customers, team members, and suppliers with compassion, understanding, and care.
  • Sharing our good fortune through our social mission of supporting pediatric cancer. research.
Bella Voelker

Bella Voelker—She triumphs over cancer and is our Social Mission Ambassador.

Mindoma will donate a portion of their profits to pediatric cancer research and work to promote awareness and funding.

When Andrew was going through his treatments for throat cancer at the California Proton Center in San Diego, he was profoundly influenced by the experience of meeting and getting to know a very special young lady. That young lady is Izabella Voelker, who was only 11 years old at the time.

Bella was undergoing treatment for a rare form of brain cancer and, like Andrew, had to be secured by a claustrophobic face mask to ensure that she did not move her head or neck during treatment. This resulted in a waffle pattern on her forehead that took several hours to go away.

Bella Voelker is a positive example for other children experiencing the frightful challenges of cancer.

Bella Voelker is a shining, positive example for other children fighting cancer.

Andrew recalls: "The children at the treatment center were separated from the adults, but Bella wanted to be with the grown-ups. Even though she would come out of her treatments somewhat tired, she would immediately show us all the brightest, happiest smile you could imagine. She would circulate through the group of patients and their families, sharing loving smiles and calming words of hope and encouragement with them. She decided that, with the matching patterns on our foreheads, we were "waffle head buddies." That was the start of a lovely, supportive friendship that spanned generations. At only 11 years old, Bella was already a shining example of what an inspiration someone who strives to serve others can be. To me, she was an Angel."

Andrew maintained a relationship with Bella and her family after their treatments. Because of her passionate desire to be a positive example for other children experiencing the frightful challenges of cancer, he has decided to make pediatric cancer research the company's social mission.

To that end, Bella has become our Social Mission Ambassador and will speak and work to help kids going through the harrowing experience of cancer treatment.