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Testimonial: This is phytoswisscosmeceuticals eye contour serum. This is my experience... Pic 1 is now Pic 2 is first application Pic 3 is of day 4 the day after my husband noticed my puffiness was gone. This has improved my dark circles. It has completely gotten rid of my puffy under eyes. It only took 3 days of using morning and night for my husband to notice a difference. That's saying something right guys! Men don't notice the things we do. I used a pea size amount and was able to do both eyes! You do under the eye and your lid area then apply your moisturizer like normal. That's it it's simple and it works! ° no smell ° easy to use °little goes a very long way ° you see results fast ° improves collagen and elastin synthesis °moisturizes the under eye ° combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles I have never used an eye serum that has worked this quickly. I am beyond hooked at this point. My eyes have always had fine lines puffiness discoloration and now when I remove my makeup my eyes really don't change! I've even stopped concealing my under eye area! What yes I'm for real I use a brightening powder on top of my foundation because I have almost nothing I need to conceal! I approve this serum I LOVE this serum It works and you will not be disappointed —Rachael klug , Carson city nv
Testimonial: Thank you so much beauties, these products are honestly life transforming for our skin💜💜 —Catherine Ott, Lake City Florida
Testimonial: Since I have been using the Phyto Swiss Lip Enhancer Complex, my lips appear fuller & more firm. Fine lip lines have disappeared. My lips are more moisturized. They appear more youthful. These results were almost immediate. —Carol A., Wisconsin

Helps promote cellular rejuvenation.
Helps promote cellular rejuvenation.
Restoring Cleanser
Help with fine lines and wrinkles
Help with fine lines and wrinkles
Face Lift Serum
Instant deep hydration
Instant deep hydration
Tri-Active Moisturizer